Want to see how we made more running our spiritual business part time than we did working full time?

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Begin Or Expand Your Own Spiritual Business & Create Your Own Empire of Light

Unlock All 8 Ways To Create Abundance With Your Own Spiritual Academy

This one year program includes everything you need to launch (or expand) your new spiritual business leading transformational workshops that change lives!

Welcome to The Creation Coach Academy

Become an elemental wisdom keeper, coach & facilitator.
 Create abundance & freedom in your business and life
 while being a guiding light for humanity!

is creating abundance doing what you love.

   is about creating a business where you have the flexibility and the time to ENJOY life!

We know you are here to make a difference to this world and we would love to invite you on this journey with us!

PoTentially Earn $5K/month +
 Working Only 25 Hours Per Week!

We are redefining success for women all over the world. Because success doesn't just come from money in the bank, although that is a HUGE piece of the puzzle. It comes from creating a business that you are passionate about! Where you wake up every day excited about serving your clients, having fun working your business, and knowing that you are contributing to the world in a positive way! Money PLUS Happiness = Success! And we are here for it!

The Coaching Industry Is Strong In Any Economy & Growing!

The Coaching Industry is already worth a Billion dollars a year and continues to expand!

When you look at Online Education specifically we are at $200 Billion a year. We are showing spiritual women who know they are here to help and serve humanity how to tap into this market!
  • People always want to learn and grow, especially when the economy is uncertain.
  • Some of the biggest empires are created in a "down" economy, and many of those empires are now online!
  • When I took my business online at the start of the pandemic, I did 100K in contracted sales my first year, working part time, 20-30 hours a week, often with my kid at home!
  • ​This program gives you the flexibility to work in-person OR online & even BOTH! The best of both worlds!
  • ​We will help you take your real life experience and create a business that is uniquely yours, while using proven success structures and strategies.
You will receive training to work with the unified field of creation as a coach and guide for people to become their own divine oracle,  empowering yourself and your clients to consciously create a life of abundance, prosperity and soul aligned expansion.

This is for the multidimensional, multi-passionate magical being who knows they are here to positively impact the world with their gifts!

Our Creation Coaching Certification will teach you how to create 8 streams of income you can use to build your business!

1 . Learn to facilitate transformational 1 or 2 day workshops online or In person

2 . Coach private clients 1:1 ~ in-person or online, helping them come into wholeness, raise their frequency, manifest and create massive success in their lives!

3 . Create Group Programs to scale your business  in your own spiritual Academy. We will help you develop your own unique niche that will translate your experience and soul resonance to your soulmate clients!

4 . ​Host transformational retreats that will change the lives of your participants forever!

Because these can all be done in person OR online, that is 8 different ways to grow your spiritual business in a way that suits YOU and fits YOUR LIFESTYLE!

The 9th is to develop passive income streams that fuse seamlessly into your pre-existing offers, in a way that will serve and uplift your clients on their journey!!!

Earn while you learn with workshops you can teach almost right away

Conscious Creation Success Diamond

Business & Branding Done FOR YOU
~9+  Revenue Streams(in person and online)
~Conscious Community
~Elemental Forces of Creation Manifestation Matrix
~Evolutionary Alchemy

The Creation Coach Academy
Teaches them ALL & we will teach you how to share them
with your clients as well!

AKA, Kacie- and I was initiated into working with the Elemental Forces over a decade ago, becoming a Creation Coach, Conscious Dance Facilitator & Alchemical Creation Priestess through the lineage of Lisa Michaels, of Natural Rhythms.

Through this training, I came into wholeness with all parts of myself. Honestly, it taught me how to get my head out of the clouds and be a human, and work WITH this amazing planet to create and manifest an incredible life.

I created not one but two dream businesses that brought all of my gifts forward. The first one was called Dancing Into Being: Movement Arts and Healing where I empowered people to express their unique soul essence and come into mastery through movement like circus arts.

I adored this work for 7 years, but always knew I was to take my magic online to reach a global audience.

Then, about 9 months before Covid shut things down, I received a download to pivot my business and bring it all online. I spent fall and winter learning how to do that and The Radiant Evolution Academy was born. 

When the pandemic started I understood why I was guided to bring it all online. I created my own online spiritual academy with over 6 figures in contracted sales while working part time through the pandemic using my Elemental training along with all of the other tools I had picked up over the last decade including Belief Re-patterning and the amplification of my psychic and intuitive gifts.

In the spring of 2021, my mentor Lisa Michaels asked me if I would be willing to bring her Creation Coach & Facilitator training into my own academy and give it a new life, infusing it with my own magic and teachings as well as carrying on her mystery school teachings.

So here we are!

There is no other program like this on the PLANET!

Unlike other coaching certifications programs that focus solely on 1:1 coaching, we give you the skills to create your own spiritual academy where you are no longer trading time for money. You will be able to scale your impact, income and freedom beyond the boundaries of the old coaching paradigm. 

You will learn how to facilitate transformation and creation for yourself and your clients with our incredible elemental manifestation matrix and evolutionary alchemy systems.

We are also very different in our approach. Many coaching programs focus on the mind level only, but we bring in each aspect of the human to support them through the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and action realms, coming into wholeness and working with the unified field.

We work with music and movement to empower people to bring their ideas and literally manifest them into physical form, embodying the energy of creation and literally dancing our creations into being!

Gaia, mother Earth herself, has given her blessing for this work to expand and reach every corner of the Earth because it is so important for humanity.

I channel Gaia and her council and teachings will be woven into this program.

Humanity has been divorced from nature, causing massive harm to all the inhabitants of this planet and the environment itself.

In the days to come, businesses that are out of harmony with the Earth are doomed to fail. 

Coming back into alignment with the natural rhythms of the Earth will bring harmony to your life, to your business and to your clients, while also expanding your capacity for success.

Our Conscious Community

Likeminded, heart centered, soul driven family
  • We embody abundance consciousness
  • ​No scarcity
  • ​No competition
  • ​Together We Rise
Ongoing support for personal and professional development

Unlike other cookie cutter coaching certification programs, we give you the elements of structure you need to create massive impact and success for your clients, while still leaving space for your unique soul essence to shine so that you can build your spiritual academy easily, effectively and in a way that truly feels authentic to YOU!

Learn from each other as well as The Earth & Elemental Forces of Creation
Here is what you can create, expect, transform & manifest with our creation

Coaching Certification Program

Be guided through our 3 levels of content that hone your coaching & facilitation skills while working through your own personal life creation and business development

Learn proven success strategies that amplify your creation and manifestation abilities with our Elemental Manifestation Matrix  & Evolutionary Alchemy Systems that you will also share with your clients

Access profitable and transformational workshops secrets with 6 figure workshop business planning

Bring your whole being into balance with the elemental forces of creation

Work with Gaia, the Master Alchemist to weave each element together in your business & life

Align with the natural rhythms of the Earth so you are no longer fighting nature for massive manifestation and creation success.

Heighten your intuition, trust and believe in yourself enough to follow your soul mission

Harness the power of the stars, through shamanic astrology and reading your clients natal charts to guide them on their creation and manifestation journey.

Access step by step frameworks for your business finances and procedures

Transform the old stories and programs holding you back from successful creation

Learn how to use the power of divine masculine structures to hold the divine feminine essence of your creations and bring it all into flowing, sacred divine union.

Weave our proven templates and structure into a unique spiritual academy of your own!

Learn how to take aligned action to create and manifest the business and life of your dreams

Create time and location freedom in your business so you can work from anywhere in the world, with your dream laptop lifestyle on your own schedule

Become a Conscious Creation Coach & Transformational workshop leader in as little as 25 minutes a day or Three hours a week

Special Bonus Certifications To Make Even MORE $$$, Have more FREEDOM and Create More IMPACT!

Amplify your intuition by becoming an Elemental Oracle Card Reader
With this bonus, you can add over $900 a month to your income with just 3 HOURS A WEEK!

Offering oracle card readings also provides the perfect funnel to bring people into your 
coaching and facilitation programs!

Become a Licensed Facilitator of our Oracle Card Reader 
& $1000's to  your income with a High Ticket Certification Program
(Offer this Twice a Year for an extra $20,000!!!)

Learn to Facilitate our Bonus Programs:

Learn to Facilitate our 'Create a Dynamic Year' workshop that you can teach each year, 
Easily adding $3000 to your annual income in just a few short hours

Also become a Conscious Dance Facilitator with our bonus Dancing Into Being certification- Incorporate ecstatic dance into your coaching, workshops or retreats and add $1000’s to your income!

We will also include our amazing “Activate Your Inner money Goddess Workshop Facilitation training! Run this twice
one or twice a year and add $6000 to your income!

Creation Coaching and Facilitation Training is for:

  • Coaches in all areas: life, health and wellness, money and business, relationships, writing, marketing, etc.
  • ​Holistic Practitioners
  • ​Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • ​Experts and Mentors
  • ​Team Leaders and Trainers (in and out of corporate)
  • ​Service Professionals
  • ​Healers and Helping Professionals
  • ​Massage Therapists
  • ​Therapists
  • Yoga and Dance Teachers
  • ​Getting Started Entrepreneurs who want to learn to do one-on-one coaching and group facilitation to take their gifts to the world
  • ​Medical Specialists Including MD’s and Nurses
  • ​Experienced Nature loving Entrepreneurs who Want to integrate the Creation Tools from the natural world to increase their income and impact

You will deepen your authentic leadership abilities to activate a higher level of conscious business and financial creation powers. Prepare for Creation Magic to Unfold in Your Life, Business and the Lives of Your Clients As You Discover

How to align with the forces of creation to bring forth your deep purpose-filled heart desires: your unique creative essence expression, abundant business income flow, financial freedom, feminine leadership success, flourishing creative relationships, rich intuitive life guidance, and juicy life experiences.

Why You, As a Spiritual Being- Are being Called to this work NOW:

You, my friend, are on the same soul mission as me!

You came here to help humanity raise their frequency, come into wholeness and remember their magic.

You already have soul contracts in place with all of the people you are here to serve, help, uplift and inspire!

They are waiting for you to step into this leadership role.

They need the specific codes and tones you carry within you to activate them into remembering who they really are.

Every experience you have had up until now, good, bad and ugly has prepared you for this moment 

The time is now to step boldly into your future, into your highest timeline where you can create the impact you know you are destined to create while embodying the abundance that is your birthright!

Want ALL the details? 
On the next page you can download our program guide, 
and book a discovery call with our team!

 What will this Certification Allow me to do?

On completion of level one, you will be certified to facilitate several workshops, either live or in person and to offer elemental oracle card readings to guide clients in a one on one session.

After completing Level two you will have a deeper understanding of working with the elements and can begin working with clients one on one in your practicum. You will also have the bonus Dancing Into Being Conscious Dance Facilitator Training, so you can begin offering online or in person dance workshops, programs and retreats.

After completing level 3 you will be able confidently work with one on one clients to support them in their creation and manifestation- so they can live their lives by design. You will be able to use their natal chart to support them in bringing all of their elements into balance so they can create with more ease and grace.

You will have several more workshops and retreats that you can share right away, and you will know how to market your business. You will amplify your magnetism to draw in your soulmate clients and attract incredible opportunities for growth and collaboration.

You will also learn how to build your own spiritual academy, either in person or online, weaving together our proven structures and success strategies with your unique essence, creating a unique niche for you to specialize in and connect with your soulmate clients.

You will also now be part of a global community of conscious coaches and facilitators - part of a network of light alchemists who are doing their part to ripple out waves of healing to the Earth and all of its inhabitants.

This is not just a business opportunity- This is a paradigm shift, into the freedom and abundance you have been looking for!

You are on your way to becoming a Conscious Creation Coach and building your own thriving spiritual academy hosting transformational workshops!

Conscious Creation - Business In A Box

  • Learn About Each Of The 9 Revenue Streams
  • Learn How To Build Your Business From Finances, To Branding And Marketing
  • ​​Learn How To Coach Clients 1:1 & Create Epic Transformational Workshops 7 Retreats
  • ​​Learn At Your Own Pace

Complete Coaching & Facilitator Training

  • Complete Certification Program
  • ​5 Star Online Training
  • 33 + Modules
  • ​Live Q & A Calls
  • ​​Practicum To Build Your Skillset

Branding & Marketing

  • Done For You Workshop And Coaching Templates
  • Gorgeous Photos You Can Use For Your Social Media
  • Social Media Posts & Graphics
  • ​​Beautifully Branded Products
  • ​Facebook & Instagram Story Slides

Community Support

  • Draw on over 40 years of combined business experience
  • ​Access Our Playground Of Conscious Creation
  • Online Library
  • ​Resources, Wisdom, Advice, Community
  • ​Collapse Time & Accelerates Success

Here is what you get inside our Conscious Creation Coach Certification Program

Several One on One sessions with our coaches for your growth and development, as well as accountability check-in's to support your progress and help you succeed!

 3 Live modules a month to go through our coaching, facilitation and business building. (Replays are available if you can't make it live)

Over 50 hours of pre-recorded training modules to teach you how to work with the elemental forces of creation and manifestation matrix over our 3 success levels 

Professionally done-for-you branded materials for online and in person teaching!

Access to our community of Conscious Creation Coaches and all the support that comes from connecting with heart centered, soulful, multidimensional, multi-passionate women

Workshops you can host right away, in person or online so that you can make money as you learn such as: Manifesting with the Elements, Create A Dynamic Year, Inner Goddess Creation Power

Download the full programs details on the next page!